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A little note to new visitors: I have a complicated, but very interesting
Family Tree, because BOTH my parents had the surname Bourassa
and came from very large farm families of 16 and 17 children.

Our lineage traces back to France with Francois Bourassa (a "coureur-de-bois" with son Rene,), and Marie Leber (descendant of French nobility) who emigrated to Laprairie, Quebec around 1685.
My Mom's Great Grandfather Francois Xavier Alfred moved to Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1880 then west in 1883 to St. John, North Dakota.    The other Bourassa clans, including my Father's family joined them before settling around 1910 in the Souris Valley and Ste.Collette areas near Radville, in southern Saskatchewan.

The families had to be very self-sufficient and "make do" with what they had nearby.  They invented absolutely ingenious ways to build or repair things, and we learned many of these methods by watching our amazing Father and Mother and Grandparents.

Our Family Tree includes prominent politicians Henri Bourassa (founder of "Le Devoir" newspaper), Francois Bourassa (called the Father of the House Of Commons), and Robert Bourassa, (who became Premier of the Province of Quebec in 1970).

Dad's side

Victor Bourassa & Agnes Ledoux  homestead and Family Pic(1948?)

My Father, Horace, is seated second from the left.
Back Row: Marie, Alma, Pierre, Agnes, Etienne, Eva(nun), Helene, Henri, Alice, Lucienne, Victor.
Front Row: Joseph, Horace, Victor Sr., Agnes Sr, Orise, Alphonsine.

Mom's side

My Great Great Great Grandpa Francois                              My Great Great Grandpa Alfred (FXA)
1813-1898                                                              1836-1918

Known as the "Father of the House Of Commons"                              He brought the Bourassas west of Quebec
"Patriote" in 1837 Rebellion. Deputy for St.Jean                              Also is my Great Uncle on my Father's
in the Union Government 1854-1867, then in the                          side, brother to my Great Grandpa
House of Commons 1867-1896.                                                      Pierre-Victor 1848-1905!!
                                                                                                                                    He is also my Great Great Grandpa on myFather's side.

The two photographers:
Great Grandpa                                                                     Grandpa
Lindorf Bourassa & Philomene Martin                              Charles Bourassa & Marie Fradette
1866-1946   1865-1947                                            1890-1976    1896-1939

Charles Bourassa & Marie Fradette homestead                                Family Pic(Jan.1/67)


My mother, Yvonne, is standing third from the left.
Back Row: Jeannette, Blanche, Yvonne, Charles, Marie-Emma, Therese, Solange, Celine.
Front Row: Henri, Roger, Paul, Maurice, Jean.

Dad had been previously married to Evelyn Galarneau on Dec.22/24 (d.Mar.24/29)
and they had three children, Jeanne, Simone and Lucien.  All are now deceased as well.


Dad wed distant cousin Yvonne Bourassa October 27, 1937.
Because Mom & Dad are a generation apart, the family tree gets very confusing.

Then the family began to grow.

and grow.

Our Dad Horace passed away peacefully March 1984.

Our Surviving Family on Aug.27/99 r.  Normand, Fernand, Jeanne, Germain, Yvette, Al, Leonie, Simone, & Laurent,
with Mom, Yvonne, seated in front.

Mom remarried to Lucien Hebert December 1990.

and celebrated her 90th Birthday May 29, 2006
with all her natural family present.

In 2011 we celebrated her 95th birthday with family and friends.

Lucien Hebert passed away April 4, 2012 at the age of 93
after giving Yvonne solid companionship for 20 good years.

Mom passed away February 9, 2016, just shy of her 100th Birthday.

I wed Patricia Rosie Luszcz on March 6, 1971 and we have two great children, Todd and Jill.
We celebrated 25 years of marriage March 6, 1996
Todd is partnered with Janet London.
Jill is married to Ashley Fennell.

Patsy sadly passed away after a courageous battle with cancer July 5, 1996.

Our Family 2001

I partnered with Marianne Tkachyk Kelley November 1997 to November 1999
Marianne sadly succumbed to cancer in April 2002

On September 3, 2005 I was married to Bella Antoinette La Coste and we divorced in June 2014.


October 6, 2015 I remarried to the lovely Cristina Jimenez Franco
Al Cristina


  My son Todd's stepchildren, Cody and Heather London
and Todd & Janet's youngest, Tyson William Patrick Bourassa

and Jill & Ashley's pair Dawson Ty and Danai Patricia Fennell
WbstAB/dawsondanai05.jpg-Dawson and me
Dawson and Dad Ashley posing
at West Edmonton Mall with the Stanley Cup


How truly blessed we are that Heather now has a given us a
great-grandchild, Sofie Rose

Picture #1 shows me, a few years ago, enjoying a sleigh, hand-built for me, by my Father.
 Picture #2 shows my Grandson, Dawson, in the SAME sleigh, many years later.
This is genuinely the greatest highlight of my life, being able to pass on this
"priceless" hand-made family heirloom to a new generation.

Luszcz Family Gathering 07/12/76 in Bonnyville, Alberta (Jill's 4th Birthday)

In Memoriam

Dad, Horace                      Mom, Yvonne
Apr.4/02 - Mar.7/84     May 29, 1916 - Feb. 9, 2016 


My beloved wife, Patricia
Apr.9/49 - July 5/96


To all the fine folks that have preceded us

We miss you All, very much.... 

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